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#!/usr/bin/env python
# dmenu script to jump to windows in i3.
# using ziberna's i3-py library:
# depends: dmenu (vertical patch), i3.
# released by joepd under WTFPLv2-license:
# edited by Jure Ziberna for i3-py's examples section
import i3
import subprocess
def i3clients():
Returns a dictionary of key-value pairs of a window text and window id.
Each window text is of format "[workspace] window title (instance number)"
clients = {}
for ws_num in range(1,11):
workspace = i3.filter(num=ws_num)
if not workspace:
workspace = workspace[0]
windows = i3.filter(workspace, nodes=[])
instances = {}
# Adds windows and their ids to the clients dictionary
for window in windows:
win_str = '[%s] %s' % (workspace['name'], window['name'])
# Appends an instance number if other instances are present
if win_str in instances:
instances[win_str] += 1
win_str = '%s (%d)' % (win_str, instances[win_str])
instances[win_str] = 1
clients[win_str] = window['id']
return clients
def win_menu(clients, l=10):
Displays a window menu using dmenu. Returns window id.
dmenu = subprocess.Popen(['/usr/bin/dmenu','-i','-l', str(l)],
menu_str = '\n'.join(sorted(clients.keys()))
# Popen.communicate returns a tuple stdout, stderr
win_str = dmenu.communicate(menu_str.encode('utf-8'))[0].decode('utf-8').rstrip()
return clients.get(win_str, None)
if __name__ == '__main__':
clients = i3clients()
win_id = win_menu(clients)
if win_id: