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i3 usage examples will cycle through all windows (by focusing them) and stop at the previously focused one(s). This is done by filtering currently focused and unfocused windows with the help of i3.filter function, and the focusing each of them with the help of i3.window function. will switch to a (new) workspace named 'fibonacci', then open default terminal windows in a fibonacci spiral. All newly opened terminals will close after a few seconds and the script will switch back to the previously focused workspace. is a close clone of the i3-msg; it is a command-line tool for sending messages to i3-wm.

usage: i3-ipc [-h] [-s <socket>] [-t <type>] [-T <timeout>]
              [<message> [<message> ...]]

i3-ipc 0.5.5 (2012-03-29). Implemented in Python.

positional arguments:
  <message>     message or "payload" to send, can be multiple strings

optional arguments:
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -s <socket>   custom path to an i3 socket file
  -t <type>     message type in text form (e.g. "get_tree")
  -T <timeout>  seconds before socket times out, floating point values allowed launches a dzen2 bar that displays current workspaces. launches dmenu (with vertical patch) with a list of clients, sorted after workspaces. Selecting a client jumps to that window.

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