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Adding a lens shader

The original latlong_lens shader was written by Ralf Habel

Softimage port by Andrew Hazelden


The Domemaster3D package includes the Windows x64 and Linux x64 builds of the latlong_lens mental ray shader for Softimage. The latlong_lens shader is designed to render equirectangular images. The shader can be used to create panoramic images with a single click of the render button.


The latlong_lens shader is included in the Domemaster3D Softimage Addon.

After you install the shader you need to restart Softimage so the shader is loaded into mental ray. If you don't restart Softimage after installing the shader you will get a "shader not found error".

The latlong_lens shader for Windows has been compiled with Visual Studio 2012. If your system doesn't have the Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0) x64 Redistributable Package installed you can download it here:

Shader Usage

You can add a LatLong lens shader to your scene using two techniques:

LatLong Shelf Tool

The Domemaster3D shelf has a latlong preset

The Domemaster3D toolbar in Softimage has a button labeled "LAT". Clicking this script button will add a new camera to your scene, assign the LatLong shader, and create a new output pass.

To accompany the LAT button there are a series of 2:1 aspect ratio LatLong resolution presets in the Domemaster3D toolbar:

  • 1x0.5K (1024x512px)
  • 2x1K (2048x1024px)
  • 4x2K (4096x2048px)
  • 16x8K (16384x8192px)

LatLong Manual Method

The manual method is to use the latlong_lens shader, open your the camera's property window. Click on the "Lens Shaders" tab and click the "Add" button to create a new lens shader. In the pop-menu select "latlong_lens".

It is possible to mirror the rendering by enabling the lens shader's "flipHorizontal" attribute.

Adding a lens shader

Rendering Tip

The best equirectangular image output is from rendering with a 2:1 aspect ratio. (Like a 2048x1024 pixel or 4096x2048 pixel output)

Sample Softimage Project

A sample Softimage 2014 project file is included. This scene can be used to test the latlong_lens shader installation.


For more information about the x64 builds of the latlong_lens shader check out the blog page:

latlong_lens for Windows x64 Blog

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