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Select Star SQL

This is the repository for It is an interactive book that teaches SQL by conveying a mental model for writing queries.


The structure of the code is pretty standard for a Jekyll-built site. See Jekyll Directory Structure.

All the pages are stored as markdown(.md) files in the top-level directory. Jekyll takes these markdown files and converts them into html files in /_site. During the conversion, it does all sorts of cool energy-saving things like embedding them in templates with standardized header and footer elements. These templates are stored in /_layouts.

You can serve a local version by running jekyll serve.

The main technical complexity lies in the interactive sql exercises. These are implemented as a custom html tag in /scripts/main.js. Firefox doesn't support custom html elements by default, so we pulled in the custom-elements.min.js library from unpkg. (See _layouts/default.html.)


To contribute, either email me directly at, or submit a pull request by following these steps:

  • Install Jekyll
  • Fork this repo (button on the top right)
  • Clone your forked repo git clone
  • Make your changes
  • Run jekyll serve and check your changes on your browser at your localhost address. This will probably be
  • Commit your changes, and push it to your forked repo
  • Click "Create Pull-request" when looking at your forked repo on Github.


The prose of the book is licensed by Zi Chong Kao under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License which allows sharing and adapting under the same license and with attribution. The code and datasets are released into the public domain under the Creative Commons CC0 License.


  • Complete hiatus tutorial
  • Clarify double quotes for SQLite
  • Improve CASE WHEN explanation


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