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Microblogging software in PHP
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vicco is microblogging software in PHP. It’s named after Vicco von Bülow.


  • Blisteringly fast
  • Web interface
  • Text formatting
  • Semantic HTML5 (microdata)
  • Atom feed (broken)

Target audiences

  • Hackers — It’s easy to customize, so you can do what you want.
  • Hipsters — It’s crappy, so you can use it as a joke and feel ironic.


  • A web server with PHP


  1. Change the config variables in index.php.
  2. Upload it to your server and make the directory writable.
  3. Open it in your browser.
  4. It should work.

Text formatting

There is some Markdown-inspired formatting. No block elements, though.

Input Output
**strong** or __strong__ strong
*italic* or _italic_ italic
~delete~ delete
:"quote": quote
@code@ code
[] / [title]( / title


Are there any dependencies? Should I use Composer?
What the fuck? This is literally one PHP file.

Given that you released PHP software, you know how to write PHP, right?
Haha, no. Basically, I stole this script with (kind of) permission and made it worse.

Uh … well, follow-up question: Is vicco secure?
Probably not. Please use SSL/TLS!


I’m a huge fan of your blog, but I get the creeps from the PHP code.


  • Security stuff
  • Fix Atom feed
  • Truncate posts for feed title/summary
  • Fix navigation
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