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Welcome to the Magical-Language-Lyrical-Lisp wiki!

Technical Notes



NScripter is a software engine that is used for the creation of visual novels, written by Naoki Takahashi. Due to its simplicity and its liberal license (while it is not open source, royalty-free commercial use is permitted), it quickly became popular in Japan, and was used for a number of high-profile commercial and dōjin titles, such as HaniHani and Tsukihime.

(NScripter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


NScLisper is a Lisp interpreter running on NScripter. It uses only basic instructions of NScripter and it uses no plug-in written in other programming languages.

Lyrical Lisp

Lyrical Lisp (魔法言語リリカル☆Lisp, lit. Magical Language Lyrical Lisp) is a Lisp tutorial game. It is created using NScripter and NScLisper. Lyrical Lisp includes NScLisper and the term "Lyrical Lisp" sometimes indicates NScLisper.

How to run

This repository has only text-data and does not have images or sounds. In order to run Lyrical Lisp, download ``lyricallisp_free-X.X.zip'' from following URL:



Release process

This topic describes how to make the next lyricallisp_free-X.X.zip.

caption "魔法言語 リリカル☆Lisp Free"
versionstr "魔法言語 リリカル☆Lisp Free ver1.3", "製作 λ+烏御堂"
  • Create nscript.dat (See README).
  • Download the latest lyricallisp_free-X.X.zip (See README) and unzip it. Change the nscript.dat to the newest one.
  • Edit the date and update information in readme.txt
  • Zip files and append the version suffix to the zip file name.


Unless otherwise noted, the Magical Language Lyrical Lisp source files are distributed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.