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What is it?

IsoBlocks is an experimental library to create eye-candy isometric texts. It is written in coffeescript, uses CSS3 transforms for creating the cubes and CSS3 transitions for the animation.

How to use

To use the library, you need to include the following files:

  • js/characters.js
  • js/isoblocks.js
  • css/isoblocks.css

Put the following in your HTML:

<div id="iso_container"></div>

Then in your code create an instance of IsoBlocks class and call the generate method to create the text you want:

NOTE: IsoBlocks requires jQuery to be included before it.

var iso = new IsoBlocks(400); // pass the number of blocks to pre-generate
iso.generate('Your Text Here'); // By Default starts from lower left of the screen

Position it:

iso.generate('Your Text Here', {x: 320, y: 600});

Colorize it (Presently supports- green, red, pink, blue, yellow only):

iso.generate('Your Text Here', {x: 320, y: 600, colors: 'green'}); // Pass a color using 'colors' option

Use multiple colors:

iso.generate('Your Text Here', {x: 320, y: 600, colors: ['green', 'yellow']}); // Pass an array of colors in 'colors'

Try it out


[Works best in Google Chrome]


Licensed under The MIT License