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Getting started

First you must initialize a repository with our sources:

repo init -u git:// -b jellybean

Then sync it up (This will take a while, so get a cup of coffee and some snickers):

repo sync

Building ParanoidAndroid

For building ParanoidAndroid you must cd to the working directory. Make sure you have your device tree sources, located on

cd device/-manufacturer-/-device-

Now you can run our build script:

./ -device-

You can also use a second parameter for syncing sources before building

./ -device- true

There are also a few parameters that you can use together with before mentioned:

  • threads: Allows to choose a number of threads for syncing operation
  • clean: Removes intermediates and output files

The usage is the same

./ -device- -parameters- -sync-

Parameters will be considered false unless you set them to true

This will make a signed zip located on out/target/product/-device-.

Contribute with the project

We're an open source project, and we're open to suggestions. Feel free to sumbit patches to our Gerrit