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void call_idle_callbacks()
bool client_start_server(void)
int connect_to_server(const char *username, const char *hostname, int port, char *errbuf, int errbufsize)
double real_timer_callback()
void input_from_server(int fd)
void py_dsend_packet_player_ready(int number, bool ready)
void send_chat(char* msg)
void control_mouse_cursor_pos(int x, int y)
void recenter_button_pressed(int canvas_x, int canvas_y)
void recenter_at_tile_int(int tile)
void init_mapcanvas_and_overview()
bool map_canvas_resized(int width, int height)
void init_things()
void update_map_canvas_visible()
void update_map_canvas(int canvas_x, int canvas_y, int width, int height)
struct canvas* get_mapview_store()
void key_unit_move_direction(int gui_dir)
void key_unit_goto()
void update_line(int canvas_x, int canvas_y)
void key_cancel_action()
void key_unit_road()
void key_unit_build_city()
void key_unit_trade_route()
void key_unit_irrigate()
void key_unit_mine()
void key_unit_transform()
void key_unit_fortress()
void key_unit_fortify()
void key_unit_airbase()
void key_unit_pollution()
void key_unit_paradrop()
void key_unit_fallout()
void key_unit_sentry()
void key_unit_pillage()
void key_unit_homecity()
void key_unit_unload_all()
void key_unit_wait()
void key_unit_done()
void key_unit_disband()
void key_unit_auto_explore()
void action_button_pressed(int canvas_x, int canvas_y, int qtype)
void free_ref(struct sprite* ref)
void key_end_turn()
int meswin_get_num_messages(void)
const struct message *meswin_get_message(int message_index)
void finish_city_at_unit(int unit, char* title)
void cancel_city_at_unit(int unit)
int canvas_pos_to_nearest_tile_id(int x, int y)
void set_mapview_origin(int gui_x0, int gui_y0)
PyObject* get_map_view_origin()
struct unit_list* get_units_in_focus()
struct unit_list* get_units_at_tile(int tile)
bool can_unit_do_activity(const struct unit* unit, enum unit_activity activity)
int tile_activity_time(enum unit_activity activity, const struct tile *ptile)
bool unit_can_add_or_build_city(const struct unit *punit)
bool unit_can_help_build_wonder_here(const struct unit *punit)
bool can_unit_paradrop(const struct unit *punit)
bool can_unit_change_homecity(const struct unit *punit)
#bool units_can_load(const struct unit_list *punit)
#bool units_can_unload(const struct unit_list *punit)
PyObject* get_unit_properties(struct unit* s)
const char* get_unit_name(const struct unit* u)
void request_new_unit_activity(struct unit *punit, enum unit_activity act)
void set_unit_focus(struct unit *punit)
void city_dialog_redraw_map(struct city *pcity, struct canvas* canvas)
int get_citydlg_canvas_width()
int get_citydlg_canvas_height()
bool city_unhappy(const struct city *pcity)
bool city_happy(const struct city *pcity)
bool city_celebrating(const struct city *pcity)
int city_get_prod(struct city* pCity, int mode, int type)
int city_get_size(struct city* pCity)
int city_turns_to_grow(const struct city *pCity)
int city_granary_size(int size)
int city_production_turns_to_build(const struct city *pcity, bool include_shield_stock)
int city_get_shield_stock(struct city* pCity)
const char* city_name(const struct city* pCity)
struct sprite* city_get_production_image(struct city* pCity)
int city_get_production_cost(struct city* pCity)
char* city_get_production_name(struct city* pCity)
int city_get_citizen_count(struct city* pCity, bool specialist, int type)
void city_rotate_specialist(struct city *pcity, int citizen_index)
void city_map_click(struct city* pCity, int canvas_x, int canvas_y)
void city_change_production_type(struct city* pCity, int type, int value)
struct unit_list* get_units_present_in_city(struct city* pCity)
int get_playable_nation_count()
int city_style_of_nation_id(int id)
char* get_name_of_nation_id(int id)
void set_nation_settings(int nation, char* leader_name, int sex, int city_style)
void disconnect_from_server(void)
PyObject* get_buildable_improvements_in_city(struct city* pcity)
PyObject* get_buildable_units_in_city(struct city* pCity)
void set_tax_values(int tax, int luxury, int science)
int get_tax_value(bool luxury)
int get_gold_amount()
int get_gold_income()
PyObject* get_techs(int level)
void set_tech_goal(int index)
PyObject* get_current_tech()
char* get_current_year_name()
PyObject* get_governments()
void change_government(int gov)
void py_accept_treaty(int counterpart)
void py_cancel_treaty(int counterpart)
int call_callback(int val)
int city_production_buy_gold_cost(const struct city *pcity)
bool city_can_buy(const struct city *pcity)
int city_buy_production(struct city *pcity)
bool get_turn_done_button_state(void)
PyObject* get_built_improvements_in_city(struct city* pCity)
#int impr_sell_gold(const struct impr_type *pimprove)
#bool can_city_sell_building(const struct city *pcity, struct impr_type *pimprove)
struct sprite* get_unit_image(const struct unit* u)
void authenticate(const char* password)
PyObject* get_players()
const char *player_name(const struct player *pplayer);
void set_tech_research(int index)
bool can_unit_do_activity_base(const struct unit *punit, int base);
void set_unit_activity_base(struct unit *punit, int base);
int impr_sell_gold(const struct impr_type *pimprove)
bool can_city_sell_building(const struct city *pcity, struct impr_type *pimprove);
int city_sell_improvement_type(struct city *pcity, const struct impr_type *pimprove)
const char *nation_adjective_for_player(const struct player *pplayer)
const char *nation_plural_for_player(const struct player *pplayer)
bool can_meet_with_player(const struct player *pplayer)
void py_init_meeting(int counterpart)
struct player *player_by_number(const int player_id)
#int py_get_player_number(struct player* p)
int player_number(const struct player *pplayer)
struct sprite *py_get_nation_flag(const struct player *pplayer)
struct player* get_playing()
void py_add_clause(int counterpart, int giver, int type, int value)
void py_cancel_pact(struct player* p, int clause)
int py_get_dipl_state(struct player* p)
bool py_gives_shared_vision(struct player* p)
void py_overview_click(int x, int y)
void request_toggle_city_full_bar(void)
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