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Augmented reality board game
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This is an augmented reality project part of the EPFL's Introduction to Visual Computing 2015 course. Planair is a 3D immersive game coded in Java, using Processing.

How to play?

The aim is to control a thin plate with a ball rolling on it. To earn points, you need to hit on the trees and avoid the edges of the plate.

You can choose to play the game with your mouse or using your webcam. Just use CTRL while in-game to switch mode. If you choose the webcam, you need a colored squared / rectangular object (such as a lego board) to show to the webcam. Moving the physical object will rotate the virtual plate in the game.

You might want to go to "Cam Setup" first, and play with the sliders to try to isolate the object.

If you maintain the shift key pressed, an aerial view of the plate is shown and you can add trees anywhere on the plate with your mouse.


  • MOUSE: Click and drag to move the plate
  • WEBCAM: Move the squared object to rotate the plate
  • CTRL: Change control mode (webcam / mouse control)
  • SHIFT: Aerial view to add trees on the plate

Game overview

Home screen

Game overview

Give it a try!

  1. Clone the project
  2. Open it with your favorite IDE
  3. Add the folder libraries to your build path
  4. Add the folder src/main/resources to your ressources path, if necessary
  5. Run src/main/java/ch.epfl.planair/Planair and have fun!

Help and issues

If you're experiencing problems or need help in any form: create an issue on Github

If you want to contact us for feedback: send us an email!