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Visualizing and analyzing skiers flow during 2016 ski season at Verbier.
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This is our smart-village project for the Eco-villages Hackathon 2016 (ranked second on finals).

Using skipass door detecting from 2016 ski season at Verbier and, we build an interactive data exploration interface to visualize and analyze ski trends. One day skiers flow is shown in this video example.

Futher developpment could lead to:

  • real-time events processing
  • skier jam predictions and advise
  • better understand infrastructures usage and cost
  • improve flow by adjusting time schedule and speed
  • optimize snow groomer path
  • evaluate skier ecological footprint area-wise
  • live slope guide with skiers position

Getting started

Download the this repository and open static/index.html in your preferred browser. You can now explore the whole season using provided tools. Depending on your browser configuration, you might to use the webserver (requires Scala and sbt) by simpling launching sbt "runMain skipulse.Main" in the folder and go to localhost:8080. Data are currently replaced with fake ones.

Data mining, projections, analyses and visualizing had to be finished in less than 24 hours. Thus strange behaviors may appear, please open an issue in such cases.


Project is available under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 and data belong their owners under appropriate licensing.