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Original work by Chris Chabot <> 2006-2007
Rewrite and modifications by Tom Powell ( and KyleXY ( 2011-2012
Released under the GPLv2, See LICENCE for more information.

This is a comet / ajax chat application, which uses a custom
PHP (5.x) backend daemon that connects to a IRC server.

To run this application you need a few things:

1) An IRC server that is configured to use WEBIRC. This
has been tested on charybdis ONLY. Other IRCDs might not work. 
If you have another IRCD, please fill out an issue on our git
page (, and we'l try 
to add support for your IRCD. 

2) Run the PHP chat daemon, it functions as the gateway between
the browser based javascript frontend, and the irc backend.

3) A modern browser! The chat application should work with IE7+
firefox, and chrome. It does not work correctly in IE6 (your browser
is over 10 years old, please update it!)

4) Realize we aren't finished yet. Feel free to participate in our
developement! Everything is located on our github, Feel free to contribute!

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