Simple Python wrapper for Memjogger API
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Python API Wrapper for Memjogger

This is a simple wrapper for the Memjogger's HTTP API.


pip install


$ git clone
$ cd memjogger-python
$ python install


api = Handle(email = '', password = 'your_password')
result = api.get_card_sets()
for cs in['card_sets']:
    print cs['id'], cs['name']

Every API call returns an instance of the memjogger.api.Response object which contains two attributes:

  • http - a raw requests.Request object representing an HTTP response;
  • data - object representing JSON payload sent by the server (or None in the case of the empty response body).

For infromation about what the response data for a particular call might be, see the API documentation available at

There are also some usage examples in the memjogger/examples directory.


  • Support for sending client_date parameter
  • Make the API of the lib a little more high level
  • Add some more usage examples
  • There is some room for refactoring