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An irssi script allowing the use of Twitter from within the IRC client.
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### Required Modules ###
You may need to use CPAN or another method to install these modules.
    * WWW::Shorten::TinyURL
    * Net::Twitter
    * JSON::Any

### Installation ###
Installation is two part. First 

In a terminal:

    * Install a current version of Net::Twitter. Versions earlier than 3.0 are not supported.
    * Create a directory for irssi scripts, if it doesn't already exist: mkdir ~/.irssi/scripts
    * Change to that directory: cd ~/.irssi/scripts
    * Remove any old version of the script: rm
    * Download the latest version: wget
    * If you want it to automatically load with irssi, create an autorun dir: mkdir autorun
    * And create a symlink in it: ln -s ../ autorun

In irssi:

    * If you don't already have a twitter window, create a new window: /win new hidden
    * Name the new window: /win name twitter
    * In that window type: /script load
    * Login: /twitter_login username
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