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LuaJIT iOS Framework script

Will compile an iOS Framework from LuaJIT's source code.

Requires lua 5.1 to be installed on your machine, XCode 4.2/iOS 5.1 or greater


  1. downlaod the source of LuaJIT
  2. extract source files and copy them to directory "LuaJIT-iOS-Framework/luajit-2.0"
  3. run the (or for iOS6.1) script and you will get the framework


  • Just drop the framework into your project.
  • You will have to refer to <LuaJIT/lua.h> instead of "lua.h", etc
  • You can create a lua.h file which just does #include <LuaJIT/lua.h> if you have legacy code that uses lua.h
  • (maybe) You will also need to include /Applications/ or you will get linker errors when compiling for Device.


I attached a Demo project at "LuaJIT-iOS-Framework/Demo/" , (maybe) you should try to run it in Xcode.

If there is any problems when using this, read the LuaJIT Install Page , read the lua C API, or contact me via github