A sample Sinatra app that uses the MacroDeck platform.
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MacroDeck Platform Test App

Internal name: "Admin App"

This app is released under the terms of the GPL-2 with the exception that Poseidon Imaging retains copyright for all contributions in our official distribution.

What is this?

This is an app to test the functionality of the MacroDeck Platform. It will later serve as a way to load the different objects used by your app. Its intention is that you will be wedging this into your existing Ruby web framework apps (Rails, Camping, etc.).

Developer documentation / brain dump

(I'm leaving a brain dump here, please ignore it unless you know what I'm spewing here)


abbreviation			Display after title.
bitly_hash			Render as a link to the hash.
description			Render as a paragraph after title.
foursquare_venue_id		Render as a link to the venue.
foursquare_user_id		Render as a link to the user.
url				Render as a link to the URL.
(any Time/Date object)		Render as a locale-correct time/date.

SpecialPhoto / MTurk Lifecycle Plan

  1. User submits photo.
  2. A SpecialPhoto is created. This will be sort of complicated, because I'm not sure how we're allowing the submitter to specify which place it belongs to. Probably I'm thinking just leverage Lucene and see if we can get in the ballpark, and then we return a menu to the user if we're not sure.
  3. A background process picks up the new SpecialPhoto and creates an MTurk HIT for the first question. Question type will be ExternalQuestion, MaxAssignments will be 1, HIT type will be question or whatever the ID for that would be.
  4. One turk will submit their answer.
  5. A background process will call the GetReviewableHITs API to see if there are any answers to process.
  6. If there are, retrieve the answers, and update the SpecialPhotos to store the turk-provided answer. Call the SetHITAsReviewing API to mark the HIT as reviewing. Create a new HIT, MaxAssignments will be 3, question type will be ExternalQuestion, HIT type will be verification or the ID that corresponds to that. Verification tasks will show the turk's answers, and ask if it accurately represents the photo.
  7. A background process will call the GetReviewableHITs API to see if there are any verification answers to process.
  8. If there are, and the majority of workers validated the answer, then approve the original worker and the workers that provided the correct answer. Reject the workers that validated incorrectly. Flag the answer as validated on our end and call DisposeHIT on both HITs. If the majority of workers rejected the answer, then reject the original worker's answer and the workers that said the original worker was correct. Approve the workers that rejected the answer. Call ExtendHIT on the original question and allow one more person to answer it. Call DisposeHIT on this verification HIT. Go back to #4.
  9. Determine the next question and submit a HIT for the next question. Repeat this process. Since there can be multiple questions, we need to support figuring out all of the questions with met prerequisites, or we will never be able to get through a SpecialPhoto in a timely manner.

If a HIT ever comes back reviewable but has no answers, we will ExtendHIT and give it a longer time limit and stop processing at that point.

We can use the notification receptor API so that we don't have to have a background process, but I don't know how complicated the signing algorithm is, and they don't have any kind of queue for notifications that never made it.

Ideas for bonuses

  • If all 3 validators agree on the original worker's answer, give a bonus to the original worker.
  • Track the workers, and for workers that consistently provide good answers, ramp up the bonus based on the number of correct answers they've given to us over time. Maybe range the bonus from 50% of the original HIT to 200% of the original HIT?

Notification API