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Zig Language

Syntax highlighting for Zig.

This repository serves both as the grammar for github/linguist (Github's site wide syntax highlighting) and as a standalone Sublime Text package.

The source of truth is Zig.YAML-tmLanguage. This file is read by linguist directly and used as the source to compile to Zig.tmLanguage using PackageDev from within Sublime. Do not edit Zig.tmLanguage directly.


Use Package control.

Or add Zig.tmLanguage to the packages directory. On OSX This is usually

~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/

But to find the path on your machine go to Preferences > Browse Packages from within Sublime Text.

TextMate Installation

This language is also compatible with TextMate's .tmBundle format. To install in TextMate clone or download this repository. Then rename the repository directory to Zig.tmBundle and double-click it to install it into TextMate. However, see Zig.tmbundle for dedicated TextMate support.

Local Development


Clone or copy this repository to your local Sublime Text folder. e.g.

git clone "/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/Zig Language"

Edit the YAML entry and use the Convert (YAML, JSON, PList) to... command to generate the other entries. Sublime Text will automatically reload the plugin, showing changes in the build system, syntax highlighting, etc.

On Linux, this is located under ~/.config/sublime-text-3/.

Build System

The included Sublime Text build system comes with a few options for configuration and defining your own build targets. See here for more information.


Provided under an MIT License