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Small structs passed by value to a C library function contain address of value instead #1411

hcff opened this Issue Aug 24, 2018 · 4 comments


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hcff commented Aug 24, 2018

I got this problem when using SDL2_ttf and was wondering why the surface returned by TTF_RenderUTF8_Solid(doc) used a random color for the text instead of the one I gave.

Here's a C library that show the problem :

  • libcolor.h
#include <stdint.h>

struct Color {
    uint8_t r;
    uint8_t g;
    uint8_t b;
    uint8_t a;

void printColor(struct Color col);
void printColorPtr(const struct Color* col);
  • libcolor.c :
#include "libcolor.h"
#include <stdio.h>

void printColor(struct Color col) {
    printf("C Color : %02x %02x %02x %02x\n", col.r, col.g, col.b, col.a);

void printColorPtr(const struct Color* col) {
    printf("C Color ptr : %02x %02x %02x %02x\n", col->r, col->g, col->b, col->a);

And a zig program that use this library :

  • uselib.zig
const std = @import("std");
const c = @cImport({ @cInclude("libcolor.h"); });

pub fn main() void {
    const col = c.Color{ .r = 0x12, .g = 0x34, .b = 0x56, .a = 0x78 };
    std.debug.warn("zig Color : {x2} {x2} {x2} {x2}\n", col.r, col.g, col.b, col.a);
    std.debug.warn("address of Color : {x8}\n", @ptrToInt(&col));

    c.printColorPtr(@ptrCast([*]const c.Color, &col));

The three lines "zig Color", "C Color" and "C Color ptr" should all have "12 34 56 78", right ?
Here's what I got on my system (Fedora 28 x86-64, zig version 0.2.0+4b68ef45) :

 $ gcc -Wall -fPIC -shared libcolor.c -o
 $ zig build-exe uselib.zig -isystem . --library color --library-path .
 $ ./uselib
zig Color : 12 34 56 78
address of Color: 00204480
C Color : 80 44 20 00
C Color ptr : 12 34 56 78

It seems passing a pointer to the struct works fine, but if you try to pass the struct itself, zig will silently pass the pointer instead.
Except if you replace uint8_t with uint64_t (and %02x with %02lx), then it works fine, and the C library does get the value of col :

zig Color : 12 34 56 78
address of Color : 002044a0
C Color : 12 34 56 78
C Color ptr : 12 34 56 78

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isaachier commented Aug 24, 2018


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hcff commented Aug 24, 2018

If a type is a container, error union, optional type, slice, or array, then its handle is a pointer, and everywhere we refer to a value of this type we refer to a pointer.
Parameters and return values are always passed as handles.

For Zig functions, sure. But printColor is an extern function, so it should use the C ABI.
In C, structs can be passed to a function by value. And TTF_RenderUTF8_Solid, for example, require the SDL_Color struct to be given this way.
And according to the documentation, Zig is supposed to let you pass a struct by value to an extern function :

For extern functions, Zig follows the C ABI for passing structs and unions by value.

Here, the Zig program is passing the address of the struct, while the C library is expecting the struct itself.
So it's impossible to give the color you want to printColor.

@andrewrk andrewrk added this to the 0.3.0 milestone Aug 24, 2018

@andrewrk andrewrk added the bug label Aug 24, 2018


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andrewrk commented Aug 24, 2018

This is a really nasty bug. My apologies.

@andrewrk andrewrk referenced this issue Sep 6, 2018


stage1 C ABI compatibility #1481

6 of 11 tasks complete

andrewrk added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 7, 2018

stage1: compile error instead of incorrect code
for unimplemented C ABI

See #1411
See #1481

@andrewrk andrewrk closed this in 7505529 Sep 7, 2018


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andrewrk commented Sep 7, 2018

See #1481 for more details on the state of C ABI.

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