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Install Zig from a Package Manager

Felix Hanley edited this page Nov 28, 2019 · 17 revisions

Note: Official builds of master branch and releases are available for download.


Latest tagged release

brew install zig

Latest build from Git master branch

brew install zig --HEAD


port install zig

Ubuntu (using snap)

Latest tagged release

snap install zig --classic --beta

Latest build from Git master branch

snap install zig --classic --edge


nix-env -i zig

Windows (using scoop)

scoop install ziglang

Windows (using chocolatey)

choco install zig

Arch Linux

pacman -S zig

zig-static AUR - This package uses the official static build instead of building against source. In the event that the llvm version in [extra] is not up to date with the latest version used by zig, this package can be used since it has no llvm dependency.


emerge dev-lang/zig
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