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CSS scroll Snap Points Polyfill
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scroll Snap Points Polyfill


Tiny Javascript Pollyfill to simulate CSS scroll Snap Points in non-supporting browsers.


  1. Include the script at the end of your HTML, it will autorun when DOM is ready.
  2. Enjoy.


Run after DOM injection

You can also run the script manually. Usefull when you dynamically inject nodes into your document.

// your DOM injecton here
// then:

Destroy after DOM removal

Since you might want to remove elements from the DOM, we need to make sure memory is not leaked.

// your DOM removal here
// then:

Destroy limiting by context

destroy method accepts a context argument, to limit destruction to an HTML element:

// your DOM removal here
// then (limited to children of element with id=g1):
znapscroll.destroy( document.getElementById('g1') );


See full working demo

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