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Simple library to access Twitter Counter API.

Basic Usage

You'll need the API key for Twitter Counter. See the Twitter Counter API for request an API key. => "12345", :twitter_id => "18770991")

Returns object with methods:

version             : the current API version
username            : Twitter username of the requested user
url                 : URL of the request user
avatar              : avatar URL of the requested user
followers_current   : current followers count of the requested user
date_updated        : the latest statistics update for the requested user
follow_days         : the number of days Twitter Counter has been tracking the requested user
started_followers   : the number of followers when we started tracking the requested user
growth_since        : the number of followers gained since we started tracking the requested user
average_growth      : the average growth per day of the requested user
tomorrow            : our followers prediction for tomorrow for the requested user
next_month          : our followers prediction for the next month for the requested user
followers_yesterday : the number of followers for the previous day for the requested user
rank                : the requested user's rank as calculated by Twitter Counter
followersperdate    : a list of dates and the followers count on that date. The list is formatted like this: date{yyyy-mm-dd} : {followers_count}
last_update         : a UNIX timestamp of when this record was last updated

Other methods are:

followers_2w_ago, growth_since_2w, average_growth_2w, tomorrow_2w and next_month_2w

You can specify twitter username instead of twitter id, see:

info = => "12345", :twitter_username => "zigotto")

=> 18770991


More details

Please, see Twitter Counter API.

Contributing to twittercounter

  • Check out the latest master to make sure the feature hasn't been implemented or the bug hasn't been fixed yet

  • Check out the issue tracker to make sure someone already hasn't requested it and/or contributed it

  • Fork the project

  • Start a feature/bugfix branch

  • Commit and push until you are happy with your contribution

  • Make sure to add tests for it. This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.

  • Please try not to mess with the Rakefile, version, or history. If you want to have your own version, or is otherwise necessary, that is fine, but please isolate to its own commit so I can cherry-pick around it.


Copyright © 2011 Zigotto. See LICENSE.txt for further details.