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ZeroCli is a simple cli for ZeroBin written in bash.


It requires rhino to execute javascript in command line (as the encryption is done on client-side)

Alternatively, you can now use v8 instead of rhino.

Usage [options...] [files...]
        -c, --config <file>   use this configuration file
        -q, --quiet           do not display logs
        -b, --burn            burn after reading
        -o, --open            open discussion
        -s, --syntax          syntax coloring
        -e, --expire <time>   specify the expiration time (default: 1week)
        -f, --file <file>     file to send, you can have multiple (default: read from stdin)
        -g, --get <url>       get data from URL
        -G, --group           group all the specified files
        -p, --post            post data to server (it is the default behaviour)
        -S, --server <server> specify the server url
        -t, --ttw             time to wait between two posts (default: 10)
        -h, --help            prints this menu and exit

available time settings:


  • You can now have a config file either in $HOME/.zeroclirc or in the zerocli directory or you can hard code the config file location in $HOME/.zeroclirc is the last file we probe so it override the previous settings The options passed to the command-line override all the settings A zerocli.conf is given in example
  • You can build a self-extractible script using This will extract the required files in your working directory (if set) or in your script's directory
  • You can send multiple files
    • with the -G option all the files will be send together as one file


I wrote zerocli for pasting output of commands on my servers without having to copy/paste them using pipes.

As a side-effect, you can paste binary files :

$ file qrcode.png    
qrcode.png: PNG image data, 248 x 248, 1-bit colormap, non-interlaced
$ md5sum qrcode.png
c4fc209e25e8b2703a5b2a2691a7d9b3  qrcode.png
$ base64 qrcode.png | zerocli

Encrypting data... [done]
[i] OK server returned code 200
Your data have been successfully pasted
delete url:
$ zerocli -g | base64 -d >/tmp/getzerocli
Decrypting data... [done]
$ file /tmp/getzerocli
/tmp/getzerocli: PNG image data, 248 x 248, 1-bit colormap, non-interlaced
$ md5sum /tmp/getzerocli
c4fc209e25e8b2703a5b2a2691a7d9b3  /tmp/getzerocli