Cross platform, easy to use, no-javascript solution for the emoji awesomeness
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Dumper.js - Dumps information about a variable

Software License

Its like font-awesome but for emojis. Visit demo

Chose from hundreds of emojis and start using without having to worry about the compatibility issues 😮

Quick install


npm install emoji-awesome


Just include the given CSS file and start using emojis 👏

<i class="em em-heart"></i>
<i class="em em-gift"></i>
<i class="em em-bell"></i>

📃 Documentation

For further details and list of available emojis, visit the docs directory or the demo site

🚦 Roadmap

  • Add apple emoji support
  • Add twitter emoji support
  • Add messenger emoji support
  • Add google emoji support
  • Add facebook emoji support
  • Add emoji-one emoji support

👪 Contributions

Feel free to fork the repository, improve anything or add support for the other emojis listed in the roadmap. Emoji sheets can be found in the src/img directory

🚔 License

MIT ©️ Zeeshan Ahmad