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Linux Install

  1. Install the OpenCV Developer package. On Ubuntu systems that's sudo apt install libopencv-dev

  2. go get

  3. go get

  4. cd $GOPATH/src/ && go build


Simplest: chrisify path/to/image.jpg > output.jpg

If executed from any location besides the repository, you must tell it where to find the bundled Haar Cascade face recognition XML file. I tried to bundle it with the binary, but it must be provided as a file to the OpenCV library, so a file path is necessary.

chrisify --haar /path/to/haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml /path/to/input.jpg > output.jpg

If you'd like to use different faces, you can provide a directory of PNG files to be imported:

chrisify --faces /path/to/faces /path/to/input.jpg > output.jpg