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@matheo matheo authored
27 src/modules/Clip/docs/changelog.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,28 @@
- 0.9
+ 0.9.2
+ Some usability and sexy code improvements
+ Added support for common templates, like common_list.tpl when pubtype/list.tpldoesn't exists
+ Improved set_$field parameters from URL for edit forms
+ Moved all the internal URLs to use the clip_url plugin
+ userapi.getall method extended to perform distinct and max/min/sum/count operations
+ Hooks handling fixed
+ Content module integration included
+ Thumbnail module no longer required, now using the Imagine library bundled in the core
+ PageMaster upgrade path addressed
+ 0.9.1
+ Multilingual Javascript fixed with Zikula 1.3.2-dev
+ Enable shortURLs to support the $clipvalues
+ BigInt pubfield plugin added to support large numeric values
+ Added the clip_capture plugin to assign postfiltered sections like clip_func
+ Permission scheme improvements
+ Category pubfields now resolves the localized description on $field.fullDesc as does with fullTitle
+ 0.9.0
+ Event notifications on strategic points included
+ Added support to $clipvalues from the URL to the template
+ Form handling rework to support the edition of multiple publications on the same form
+ Added template utilities like the clip_util and clip_form objects, and the clip_include and clip_func plugins
Introduced a new Editor Panel to separate the content administration
Deprecated editlist*
Extended workflow support
@@ -12,7 +35,7 @@
$tid => $pubtype.tid
$core_titlefield => $pubdata.core_titlefield
- Publication data embeded in the $pubdata array
+ Publication data embeded in the $pubdata object
$core_titlefield => $pubdata.core_titlefield
$core_tid => $pubdata.core_tid or $pubtype.tid
$core_approvalstate => $pubdata.core_approvalstate
59 src/modules/Clip/docs/install-and-usage.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
Install Clip is pretty easy:
Copy its files inside the /modules folder.
Optionally, create a writable folder as ztemp/ClipModels,
@@ -10,6 +11,60 @@
That's all! begin the creation of your publication types
and manage your stuff ;-)
+ Content unit; can be an article, a download, a record, a photo
+ Section unit; where you define the composition of a publication.
+ It can be a Blog, a Downloads, a Registry or a Gallery.
+ Publication field; one or more are used by a pubtype to define its publications.
+ Admin structure utility; enables the organization of pubtypes
+ on different groups according the needs, and to facilitate the
+ administration of large and complex Clip installations.
+ Template files based on the Smarty template engine, and generated by Clip,
+ to be used on the main, list, display and edit screens of the pubtypes.
+ They can be customized to have as many layouts as required.
+ Explore the default Blog and Pages pubtypes to learn how they are defined.
+ You can create your own pubtype, all the required details are in the form.
+ After that, you can define the fields that will need the publications on it.
+ Once defined, you can get the templates code generated by Clip,
+ and put them in the recommended directory to start the customization.
+ In those template you can apply all your HTML + CSS skills,
+ and Clip will take care of the rest.
+ You can build an entry screen to your pubtype, with the main.tpl.
+ If you don't use it, Clip will redirect to the list view then.
+ You can add any JavaScript library or utilities on your templates,
+ to match your graphic design and the usability of your pubtype.
+ Clip offers some pubfields connected to the Zikula's Categories System.
+ They are List, MultiCheckbox List, Multiple Selector and Radio List,
+ and uses a specific category as the root of their lists selectors.
+ You can configure them to select which root category to use from all your
+ registered trees for Clip's "clip_pubtypes" table in the Category Registry
+ (/index.php?module=Categories&type=admin&func=editregistry).
+ Those fields can be filtered on the publication lists, and the Pages
+ default pubtype has an example on its main.tpl on how to use the clip_category_browser.
Some things you should know for using Clip:
@@ -20,4 +75,6 @@
For more information on permissions check this document:
- Enjoy!
+ Happy coding with Clip!
+ Enjoy it!
2  src/modules/Clip/docs/permissions.markdown
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
Clip Permissions Scheme
-Replace the $variables with your corresponding value or pattern.
+Replace the `$variables` with your corresponding value or pattern.
3  src/modules/Clip/docs/readme.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
- There's no upgrade path for Pagesetter yet,
- and the PageMaster upgrade path needs to be completed on feature-freeze.
+ There's no upgrade path for Pagesetter yet.
4 src/modules/Clip/docs/todo.txt
@@ -1,9 +1,6 @@
- Upgrade path possibly broken with the new file-based models, need to reorder it
Adjustments to review the own publications + revisions
@@ -12,7 +9,6 @@
- Maxlenght more clean solution. Exclude some default plugins?
Expand the support to multiple rows with the introduction of D2
Exclude already linked pubs?
2  src/modules/Clip/lib/Clip/Form/Plugin/RadioList.php
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ public function setup()
//! field type name
- $this->pluginTitle = $this->__('Radio list');
+ $this->pluginTitle = $this->__('Radio List');
public function getFilename()
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