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Missing label trabslations. Closes #105

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matheo committed Apr 24, 2012
1 parent c5583b9 commit cd608152f32e19b8450e073f41e1d6c153071197
@@ -12,29 +12,29 @@
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel for='tid' text='Publication Type' mandatorysym=true}
+ {formlabel for='tid' __text='Publication Type' mandatorysym=true}
{formdropdownlist items=$pubtypes id='tid' mandatory=true}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Publication type to export.'}</span>
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel for='withrelations' text='Include relations'}
+ {formlabel for='withrelations' __text='Include relations'}
{formcheckbox id='withrelations'}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Include its related publication types and data?'}</span>
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel for='format' text='Format'}
+ {formlabel for='format' __text='Format'}
{formdropdownlist items=$formats id='format'}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Field for sorting.'}</span>
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel for='filter' text='Filter'}
+ {formlabel for='filter' __text='Filter'}
{formtextinput id='filter' maxLength='1000'}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Any filter string to use in the export.'}</span>
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel text='Export data' for='exportdata_options'}
+ {formlabel for='exportdata_options' __text='Export data'}
<div id="exportdata_options">
{formradiobutton id='exportdata1' dataField='exportdata' value=1} {formlabel for='exportdata1' __text='Yes'}
{formradiobutton id='exportdata0' dataField='exportdata' value=0} {formlabel for='exportdata0' __text='No'}
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
{formtextinput id='outputto' textMode="hidden"}
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel text='Output to'}
+ {formlabel __text='Output to'}
<div id="output_options">
{foreach from=$outputs item='output'}
{formradiobutton id="outputto`$output.value`" dataField='outputto' value=$output.value} {formlabel for="outputto`$output.value`" text=$output.text}
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
<div id="wrap_filename">
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel for='filename' text='Filename'}
+ {formlabel for='filename' __text='Filename'}
{formintinput id='filename' maxLength='255'}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Without the extension.'}</span>
@@ -11,12 +11,12 @@
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel text='File' for='file'}
+ {formlabel __text='File' for='file'}
{formuploadinput id='file'}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Select the file with the publication(s) data.'}</span>
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel text='Redirect' for='redirect_options'}
+ {formlabel __text='Redirect' for='redirect_options'}
<div id="redirect_options">
{formradiobutton id='redirect1' dataField='redirect' value=1} {formlabel for='redirect1' __text='Yes' for='redirect1'}
{formradiobutton id='redirect0' dataField='redirect' value=0} {formlabel for='redirect0' __text='No' for='redirect0'}
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
<div class="z-formrow">
- {formlabel for='pubtype' text='Publication Type'}
+ {formlabel for='pubtype' __text='Publication Type'}
{formdropdownlist items=$pubtypes id='pubtype'}
<span class="z-formnote z-sub">{gt text='Default publication type to use when none is passed to Clip.'}</span>

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