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Official repository for Dizkus, a fully integrated forum solution for Zikula 1.4+
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Zikula Dizkus Forums

Dizkus is a discussion forum module for the Zikula Application Framework

This version requires Zikula Core 1.4.0+

The code is currently under development, but typically is in a functional state. Feel free to test and report issues. thank you.

Before you pull:

  1. uninstall and delete the module.
  2. delete your local repo and all the files.
  3. clone the repo into /modules/Dizkus/

Your directory structure should look like so:


UPGRADING from Dizkus 3.1

you must add to personal_config.php:

$ZConfig['System']['prefix'] = 'pn';

(or whatever your table prefix is from your old installation)

note that upgrading can take a long time and may require updating your .htaccess or php.ini file to increase time limits and memory allowed.

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