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Refactor javascript for new prototype version. #21

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** Was: "Can't create new category" **

Bug description

With an inactive site using Zikula 1.2.0 and Dizkus 3.0, because of recent discussion on Forum of problems creating new category, I wanted to test upgrade to 1.2.5 before I upgraded my active sites. I upgraded without incident to 1.2.5. Then went to Dizkus and was no longer able to add a category. If I click the button, nothing happens. No change related to different themes. I upgraded to Dizkus 3.1 and no change. Then I uninstalled Dizkus 3.1 and re-installed it fresh. Still unable to add a category to Dizkus 3.1 and Zikula 1.2.5. Tried in latest Safari, Firefox and Chrome - all the same.
bug analysis

Possibly a change related to 1.2.5 upgrade as it was working before that upgrade.

Changed 7 months ago by pheski

(Note - I tested Dizkus before the upgrade to 1.2.5 and was able to add categories and forums and re-order them without problem, so the problem occurred specifically after the 1.2.5 upgrade in a system that I had just tested prior to the upgrade.)

comment:2 Changed 7 months ago by pheski

I have added screen shots that may be a cle - it appears that some js files are not being called?

comment:3 Changed 7 months ago by FRW

I' ve tested it because there was the same problem at my new site.
It seemed to be that the prototype.js is the main point. Version of 1.2.5 doesn't work, Version from 1.2.4 works and I can add categories

comment:4 Changed 7 months ago by espaan

In your screenshots it seems that you have JS and CSS combine switched on in the zk125 install
If you switch that of in the Theme->Settings, does that help?

comment:5 Changed 7 months ago by drak

I'd like to say we're running Zikula 1.2.5 + Dizkus 3.1 on without any issue (that I know of).

comment:6 Changed 7 months ago by drak

Think this ticket can be closed, it's related to a prototype update to 1.7 in Core 1.2.5, and this has been downgraded in 1.2.6 to 1.6.1. Dizkus will need to refactor it's JS for the Core 1.3.0 version of Dizkus because it uses Prototype 1.7 and the latest scriptaculous.

@jusuff jusuff was assigned



Ok. Starting to work on this issue.


If we mean the we have to refactor the "reorder tree" admin function, then please feel free. I don't like the current solution.


I was thinking rather of the general refactoring. As I remember Dizkus js stopped working after prototype update.

When you're writing about "tree" you mean this one in admin panel for managing forum categories and forums?

@jusuff jusuff referenced this issue from a commit
@jusuff jusuff Code formatting (refs #21) a5047e0

Fixed issues which I could find.
Please check if there's something more to do in this ticket.


Thank you.
I will reopen this ticket if I find more problems.

@hvorragend hvorragend closed this
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