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Features of Zikula


  • Based on Symfony 3.x which provides stability, continuity and extensibility
  • Uses Doctrine for persisting data
  • Uses Twig as template engine
  • Uses SwiftMailer for email handling

Extensions and bundles

  • Modular development system
    • Modules are bundles which can be installed/uninstalled during runtime
  • Hook system for connecting module features with each other
    • Hooks are a dynamic event dispatcher, allowing the administrator to choose which listeners respond to events.

Themes and templating

  • Twig-based theme engine for site-wide theming
    • Themes are bundles which can be installed/uninstalled during runtime
  • Integration of de-facto frontend technologies
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Font Awesome
    • jQuery

Users and security

  • Users and Groups management
    • OAuth integration
    • Extensible/customizable User authorization API
  • Dynamic user rights/permissions management by group
  • Included add-ons
    • OAuth module (allows login via Facebook, Github, Google or LinkedIn Credentials)
    • Profile module (user profile information)
    • Legal module (TOS, Age Check, etc)


  • Centralized site administration interface
  • Multi-language & translation support
  • Centralized category management
  • Dynamic and flexible content block creation
  • Centralized search functionality
  • Menu system based on KnpMenu

Developer gems

  • Centralized category assignments by entity
  • Several distinct APIs for feature utilization
  • Imagine image manipulation library integration
  • CLI based module skeleton generator
  • Multi-Sites capability (one core-base, multiple custom DB)

ModuleStudio (MOST)

  • Model-Driven Software Development tool
    • rapid prototyping
    • easy customization
    • quick updating
  • Creates models describing your extensions
  • Generates the Zikula module implementation
  • Read more at the project's website

Community Driven Modules

Legacy Modules not yet converted but intended to be done