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ghost commented Oct 22, 2012

Please upgrade to Doctrine 2.3 (doctrine, dbal and common) and the Doctrine Extension also to the latest. I'm looking for someone to submit a PR for this because I don't have time. Target the 1.4 branch.

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phaidon commented Nov 7, 2012

Fatal error: Declaration of DoctrineExtensions\StandardFields\Mapping\Driver\Annotation::readExtendedMetadata() must be compatible with that of Gedmo\Mapping\Driver::readExtendedMetadata() in plugins/DoctrineExtensions/lib/DoctrineExtensions/StandardFields/Mapping/Driver/Annotation.php on line 17

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Guite commented Nov 7, 2012

Seems like the standard fields listener needs to be updated.


phaidon commented Nov 7, 2012

In plugins/DoctrineExtensions/lib/DoctrineExtensions/StandardFields/Mapping/Driver/Annotation.php I changed

public function readExtendedMetadata(ClassMetadata $meta, array &$config) {


public function readExtendedMetadata($meta, array &$config) {

This solves the issue. But I am not sure if this is all. Do we have to change validateFullMetadata as well?


phaidon commented Nov 7, 2012

Btw. Doctrine 2.3 is more strict.

@ORM\Column(type="integer", length="11", nullable="true")

will not accepted anymore. It has to be like that now

@ORM\Column(type="integer", length=11, nullable=true)

Some modules (e.g. Scribite) has problems with that.


phaidon commented Nov 7, 2012

Btw. The Gedmo NestedTree does not work probably with Doctrine 2.2. The tree will not build correctly. With Doctrine 2.3 it works.


phaidon commented Nov 7, 2012

The paginator (\DoctrineExtensions\Paginate\Paginate::getPaginateQuery) does not work anymore with 2.3, too.

Now you have to use this one: http://docs.doctrine-project.org/projects/doctrine-orm/en/latest/tutorials/pagination.html

But it seams that this one also works with 2.2.

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