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Zikula Standard Distribution

This repository provides metadata for the Zikula CI server to build the Official Zikula Distribution (at

The build.xml file instructs the CI server which version of Zikula Core to download and which modules.

The src/install/sql/custom-$lang.sql is a customised SQL version that will be used during the installation process, allowing Zikula Standard to be fully setup on installation.


Version numbers are based on the Zikula Core version number plus the version of the distribution. So 1.3.1-1 simply means, Zikula Core version 1.3.1, and this is version 1 of that distribution.


1.3.1-1 First version based on Zikula Core 1.3.1
1.3.1-2 Maintenance release based 1.3.1
1.3.1-3 Next maintenance release based on 1.3.1

1.3.2-1 Distribution based on Zikula Core 1.3.2
1.3.2-2 Maintenance release based 1.3.2