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==Magento E-commerce management. Your Magento and OpenERP are connecting==

1. Requirements:
 1.1 Install Magento Python from:
    - https://github.com/zikzakmedia/magento
    - http://pypi.python.org/pypi/magento

 1.2 Install Magento Module Extend API. This module is same magentoerpconnect module use. Add additional API methods for use by the Multi website, Multi Store, Multi Product category, Newsletter
    - magento_module
	Magento Module Package. Untgz and copy code and etc directoris in Magento. Remember clean/reload Magento cache. If module is available, check in Magento Admin: System -> Advanced Modules

2. Configuration
 2.1 Exclude product fields Magento go to OpenERP in Sale -> Configuration -> Magento Attribute Exclude
 2.2 Mapping more product fields go to Administrator -> Customization -> Database Structure -> External Mapping
 2.3 Configure yours Magento APP: Sale -> Configuration -> Magento

3. Other information
 3.1 Magento module use Product Attributes to add new fields Product model. This module don't use EAV (Entity-attribute-value model) and there are maxim fields available in product table postgres.
 3.2 Also exists another module Magento management we working another projects:
    - https://launchpad.net/magentoerpconnect

Special Thanks to Akretion www.akretion.com and OpenLabs www.openlabs.co.in