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This is a forked repo from teh original wordpress-theme-boilerplate repository, and has been reverted to a version, where the ACF PRO plugin was not mandatory to have. It's my personal preferences to use this template this way, ALL credits goes to it's original authors.

WordPress Theme Boilerplate

This package contains Theme Boilerplate, which has a lot of improvements and security patches, according to standard WordPress theme boilerplates (like underscore, etc.). The code is object-oriented and works with PSR-4 autoload.


Theme core files (base classes) are presented as separate wordpress plugin package called WordPress Theme Framework. They were moved as a plugin to provide easier support and updates population through different site installations.

This solution makes possible to deliver new updates and hot fixes without modifying the theme code.

What's Inside?

Better File Structure

The organization of a theme is very similar to modern PHP Frameworks. We totally separated registration of hooks and components, query logic, and the templates.

We tried to keep as much standard WordPress features as possible, so all "views" work in the same Template Hierarchy as standard templates, just grouped by content types (with folders).

File structure

Template Inheritance

We added modern template inheritance system based on layouts (very similar to Laravel and Yii frameworks). Some WordPress developers call it a "Theme Wrapper". Markup is handled by one layout file (or more if needed) instead of being scattered across all template files as in typical themes. Stay DRY!

Security and Optimization

Theme files are nice and clean, and Theme Framework has a lot of hooks to make your WordPress more secure and keep the final generated HTML clean and optimized.


Read our Wiki to find out all features.


Lightweight MVC theming framework for developers who want to better organize their own custom themes with an MVC approach.



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