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This repository contains a script for running Spark in CoreOS. It was adapted from

Pull Docker Images

First, you need pull a few Docker Images:

./ pull_images

Setup DNS service

Before you start a Spark Cluster, you need setup a DNS service. Here we use docker-dns instead of dnsmasq to provide DNS inside Docker containers. Run the following command to fetch pre-compiled docker-dns binary from github and install it (and system unit file) to CoreOS:

./ install_docker_dns

Running a Spark cluster

Use the same script, you can start Spark master, workers and shell.

Start Spark Master

To start the master, run:

./ start_master

Start Spark Worker

To start the workers, run:

./ start_worker 3

where 3 is the number of workers.

Start Spark Shell

./ start_shell

Attach to the shell container via this command,

sudo docker attach shell

If the screen appears to stay blank just hit return to get to the prompt.

Execute an example

scala> val textFile = sc.textFile("hdfs://master:9000/user/hdfs/test.txt")
scala> textFile.count()
scala>{line => line}).collect()