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- Fix bug where refs wouldn't be pushed in capistrano because of setting nil values instead of allow defaults (elliterate)
- Fix problem with cd'ing into directories with characters that need to be escaped (niedfelj)
- Fixed broken gemspec that mistakenly included all development dependencies as live dependencies
- Removed dependency on jeweler for creating the gemspec
- Order the tags from the previous stage such that you can use auto-incrementing build numbers for refs (thanks Rachel Heaton, Oren Weichselbaum!)
- Setting :auto_tagger_stage or :stage should tag the specified ref (Dave Yeu)
- accept capistrano's dry_run value, but still prefer auto_tagger_dry_run if it's non-nil (Mike Dalessio, aka flavorjones)
- fixed bug where capistrano task set_branch would not set the proper branch
- fixed bug where capistrano task print_latest_tags would blow up (thanks to Ian Zabel for help in debugging)
- fixed bug where capistrano would not write the text file to the server if an explicit branch was not set
- fixed bug where passing -v to autotag would show the help, not the version
- Added the following commands
- help
- version
- create STAGE
- list STAGE
- cleanup STAGE
- delete_locally STAGE
- delete_on_remote STAGE
- Added the following options to autotag
--date-separator - the character used to separate parts of the timestamp
--fetch-refs - whether to fetch refs before creating or listing them
--push-refs - whether to push refs after creating them
--remote - specify a custom remote (defaults to "origin")
--ref-path - use a different ref directory, other than "tags"
--stages - specify all of the stages
--offline - don't push or fetch refs (is ignored with delete_on_remote command)
--dry-run - don't execute anything, but print the commands
--verbose - prints all commands as they run
--refs-to-keep - when using any clean commans, specify how many refs to keep
--executable - specify the full path to the git executable
--opts-file - the location of an additional opts file
- Fixed the exit status in autotag executable (thank you Sarah Mei)
- Fixed creating incorrect tags when deploying from a branch, tag, or from head (Brian Takita & Bruce Krysiak)
- Namespaced all classes under AutoTagger (Pat Nakajima)
- Renamed Commander.execute! to Commander.execute? (Pat Nakjima)
- You can now define your stages as strings or symbols and auto-tagger will not fail (thanks to Chad Wooley for the bug report)
- When deploying from a branch auto_tagger uses real_revision, not the previous tag, to create the new tag (Brian Takita)
- Fixed bug whereby auto-tagger would use the wrong tag because it found tags that had similar names to what it uses.
- `release_tagger:create_ref` creates a production tag if you don't set any stages
- Added basic support for cap-ext-multistage
- Changed "stages" variable to "autotagger_stages" so as not to conflict with the multistage "stages" variable in capistrano
- Changed the :current_stage variable in the capistrano tasks to just :stage
- Capistrano bases new tags off of old tags from the previous environment when tagging if there is a tag from the previous environment
- Added the following cap tasks:
- print_latest_refs
- read_tag_from_shared
- write_tag_to_shared
- Capistrano tasks :set_branch no longer sets the branch to nil. If the CapistranoHelper returns nil, it leaves the branch alone.
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