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1 parent d756f9f commit 392fddf4ba1f72cd9fccd3f2710e1220a5d5ea62 @zilles committed Mar 21, 2012
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Version 1.1.11 work in progress
- Bug #417: CAttributeCollections::mergeWith() does not take into account the caseSensitive (dmtrs)
- Bug #433: Fixed the bug that Gii model name input autocomplete was not working sometimes (mdomba)
- Bug #454: Removed translation on CDbConnection exception as it was creating an endless loop if the application used CDbCache (mdomba)
-- Bug #533: Fixed error when calling mget method on CDbCache (zilles)
+- Bug #533: Fixed error when calling CDbCache::mget (zilles)
- Enh #136: Added ability to select database connection in Gii model generator (samdark)
- Enh #165: Allow CCacheDependency to be reusable across multiple cache calls (phpnode)
- Enh #171: Added support for PUT and DELETE request tunneled through POST via parameter named _method in POST body (musterknabe)

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