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Bolt CMS extension for upload files via multipart/form-data POST requests
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JSON files

JSON-files is the Bolt CMS extension which allow to upload files through POST multipart/form-data requests. The extension saves uploaded files in public/files folder. If you set filename field with subdirectory like mysubdir/file.jpg extension will create folder and will save uploaded file into it.

Accepts only one level sub folder against files directory. For example, filename folder/file.jpg is right, but filename like folder1/folder2/file.jpg will throw error.


After install you need to configure access token. Extension checks this token in X-Auth-Token header against every requests.

Extension's config example:

# app/config/extensions/jsonfiles.zillingen.yml 

# Base path
path: /api/files

# Authentication
  enabled: true
  access_token: ee0fa2EiSohfoowo0aekea0xohB3quoh

Upload files

Upload into public/files

curl -X POST \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: ee0fa2EiSohfoowo0aekea0xohB3quoh" \
    -F "filename=bar.jpg" \
    -F "file=@48d56e29c95411ed.jpg" \

Upload into subdirectory in public/files

curl -X POST \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: ee0fa2EiSohfoowo0aekea0xohB3quoh" \
    -F "filename=foo/bar.jpg" \
    -F "file=@48d56e29c95411ed.jpg" \
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