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logmail - Send your mails to syslog

Did you ever log into a server to discover that your local mailbox is full of messages ? Maybe you wanted to know about cron failing in the backup task before.

Did you ever log into your mail to find it full of irrelevant messages ? Maybe you didn't want to have to take time to clean these useless messages.

Maybe you don't want to install and configure a full mailer on all your systems.

In those cases, the answer is logmail. Once installed, it does what it's name says. Coupled with a nice syslog aggregation tool (that you should setup anyways), you can easily filter your messages and keep an eye on those old programs that require a mailer.


dpkg -i logmail_1.1.0_all.deb

Now all further emails are forwarded to syslog.

Debian build

sudo apt-get install devscripts debhelper