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Media capturing tool - Probably needs some work since node moves so fast
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MediaSniff: multi-media capturing tool

current state: broken

This idea came while trying various YouTube(tm) capturing tool. Instead of using a proxy
or an ads-ridden product, why not just listen on network connections for media content ?

The current incentation uses node-pcap (which does all the hard work) to decode the http
requests. Media type is simply determined by reading the returned content-type (which works
in most cases).

Please note: this tool is not polished, I did it for my personal usage. Feel free to use it
and send me some patches !



* Install node (see:
* Install npm (see:
* Install node-pcap: `npm install pcap`
* Install node-id3:  `npm install id3`   (optional)
* Install node-growl:`npm install growl` (optional)
* Copy/clone mediasniff.js


1. Edit mediasniff.js to suit your needs (see MediaSniff.defaults)
2. Run mediasniff.js in a console
(you may or may not need to be root, to specify the interface, ... depending on the system)

3. Browse the web. Make sure waiting until load progress are full before switching pages.
Run media
4. Profit !

Supported content-providers

* YouTube
* YouTube HTML5 (webm)
* GrooveShark
* ???

Eventual TODOS

* A real CLI
* Publish the package on npm
* Decode gzip-encoded requests
* Better categorization of captured media (for example renaming the mp3 by meta-tags)


mediasniff.js is published without copyrights, it's under public domain.

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