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Provides archive, unarchive and lsarchive functions for easy archive manipulation based on file extensions.

Don't remember the complete tar command to compress, uncompress or list the contents of an archive? Use archive myarchive.tar.gz /path/to/be/archived to compress, unarchive myarchive.tar.gz to uncompress or lsarchive myarchive.tar.gz to list, for example, and the respective functions will take care of the underlying command for you. They also work with the other archive extensions listed below.

Suffix aliases are also provided so files can be directly uncompressed.

This module will make use of pbzip2 and pigz if available to make use of all available CPU cores.


Name Usage
archive compresses files into an archive. archive <archive_name.ext> <file>...
unarchive uncompresses from archives. unarchive <archive_name.ext>...
lsarchive lists the contents of archives. lsarchive <archive_name.ext>...

Archive extensions

Extensions Required commands
.7z, .001 7za
.rar unrar or rar, .tar.bz2, .tbz, .tbz2 tar
.tar.gz, .tgz tar
.tar.lzma, .tlz tar with lzma support or with lzcat
.tar.xz, .txz tar with xz support or with xzcat
.tar.zst, .tzst tar with unzstd
.tar tar
.zip unzip
.bz, .bz2 pbunzip2 or bunzip2
.gz unpigz or gunzip
.lzma unzlma
.xz unxz
.zst zstd
.Z uncompress