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Sets generic Zsh built-in environment options.


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Sets sane Zsh built-in environment options.


If HISTFILE is not set, the history is set to be saved in ${ZDOTDIR:-${HOME}}/.zhistory. The file path can be customized with:


Some Zsh installations already have a value set for HISTFILE. E.g. the /etc/zshrc file in macOS sets it to ${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zsh_history, so you'll have to set your own value in your ~/.zshrc if you want to customize it.

Zsh options

Changing directories

  • AUTO_CD performs cd to a directory if the typed command is invalid, but is a directory.
  • AUTO_PUSHD makes cd push the old directory to the directory stack.
  • CD_SILENT does not print the working directory after a cd.
  • PUSHD_IGNORE_DUPS does not push multiple copies of the same directory to the stack.
  • PUSHD_SILENT does not print the directory stack after pushd or popd.
  • PUSHD_TO_HOME has pushd without arguments act like pushd ${HOME}.

Expansion and globbing

  • EXTENDED_GLOB treats #, ~, and ^ as patterns for filename globbing.


  • HIST_FIND_NO_DUPS does not display duplicates when searching the history.
  • HIST_IGNORE_DUPS does not enter immediate duplicates into the history.
  • HIST_IGNORE_SPACE removes commands from the history that begin with a space.
  • HIST_VERIFY doesn't execute the command directly upon history expansion.
  • SHARE_HISTORY causes all terminals to share the same history 'session'.


  • INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS allows comments starting with # in the shell.
  • NO_CLOBBER disallows > to overwrite existing files. Use >| or >! instead.

Job control

  • LONG_LIST_JOBS lists jobs in verbose format by default.
  • NO_BG_NICE prevents background jobs being given a lower priority.
  • NO_CHECK_JOBS prevents status report of jobs on shell exit.
  • NO_HUP prevents SIGHUP to jobs on shell exit.


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