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Exposes git repository status information to prompts.

Many thanks to Sorin Ionescu and Colin Hebert for the original code.


Ignore submodules

Retrieving the status of a repository with submodules can take a long time. So by default 'all' submodules are ignored. Optionally, 'untracked', 'dirty', or 'none' submodules can be ignored:

zstyle ':zim:git-info' ignore-submodules 'none'

Verbose mode

Verbose mode uses git status and computes the count of indexed, unindexed and also untracked files. Verbose mode can be slower, depending on your repository and the git version being used. It can be enabled with the following zstyle:

zstyle ':zim:git-info' verbose yes

In non-verbose mode, the untracked context is not available (see Main contexts below), and untracked files are also not considered for computing the dirty context.


To display information about the current repository in a prompt, use the following syntax to define custom styles for each context you want displayed:

zstyle ':zim:git-info:<context_name>' format '<string>'

Main contexts

Name Code Description
action %s Special action name (see Special action contexts below)
ahead %A Commits ahead of remote count
behind %B Commits behind remote count
diverged %V Diverged commits (both ahead and behind are yield when it's not defined)
branch %b Branch name
commit %c Commit short hash (when in 'detached HEAD' state)
clean %C Clean state
dirty %D Dirty state (count with untracked files when verbose mode enabled)
indexed %i Indexed files (count when verbose mode enabled)
unindexed %I Unindexed files (count when verbose mode enabled)
position %p Commits from nearest tag count (when in 'detached HEAD' state)
remote %R Remote name
stashed %S Stashed states count
untracked %u Untracked files count (only when verbose mode enabled)

While the commit and position contexts are only available when in 'detached HEAD' state, on the other hand, the ahead, behind, diverged, branch and remote contexts are only available when an actual branch is checked out (so when not in 'detached HEAD' state).

Special action contexts

Name Description Default value
action:rebase-i Rebase interactive rebase-i
action:rebase-m Rebase merge rebase-m
action:rebase Rebase rebase
action:am Apply mailbox am
action:am/rebase Apply mailbox or rebase am/rebase
action:merge Merge merge
action:revert-seq Revert sequence revert-seq
action:revert Revert revert
action:cherry-seq Cherry-pick sequence cherry-seq
action:cherry Cherry-pick cherry
action:bisect Bisect bisect

Formatting example for special actions:

zstyle ':zim:git-info:action:bisect' format '<B>'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:action:merge'  format '>M<'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:action:rebase' format '>R>'


First, customize the contexts you want displayed. For example, to format the branch name, commit, and remote name, define the following styles:

zstyle ':zim:git-info:branch' format 'branch:%b'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:commit' format 'commit:%c'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:remote' format 'remote:%R'

Second, define where the above contexts are displayed in prompts:

zstyle ':zim:git-info:keys' format \
    'prompt'  'git(%b%c)' \
    'rprompt' '[%R]'

Last, add ${(e)git_info[prompt]} and ${(e)git_info[rprompt]} to PS1 and RPS1 respectively, and add git-info to the precmd hooks.

Here's a complete example:

setopt nopromptbang prompt{cr,percent,sp,subst}

zstyle ':zim:git-info:branch' format 'branch:%b'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:commit' format 'commit:%c'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:remote' format 'remote:%R'

zstyle ':zim:git-info:keys' format \
    'prompt'  'git(%b%c)' \
    'rprompt' '[%R]'

autoload -Uz add-zsh-hook && add-zsh-hook precmd git-info

PS1='${(e)git_info[prompt]}%# '


Exposes git repository status information to prompts.




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