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Imperial Kingdoms

The code behind the long-defunct web-based game Imperial Kingdoms is now available to the public. This is a functional clone of the further long-dead game Xenocide 3001 originally created by Kalak.

No warranty or purpose is assigned; it hasn't been run on a webserver in years and may not even work anymore with the latest MySQL or PHP versions. There may be security holes or other issues with this software. At the very least it was created using methods and designs that are Bad or Wrong and discouraged.

No support or assistance will be provided on getting this software up and running. You're on your own. It's recommended to only use this code as an idea of what needs to be done or an example of what not to do; please don't run this software yourself.

Relevant things to search for: testing-admin-password-here your-database-password-here


Web-based 4X game from back in the day; clone of Xenocide 3001 by Kalak




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