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Hackercut(Hacker News Shortcut) is a Chrome extension that powers full keyboard navigation of Hacker News.

You can install this extension from Chrome Web Store.

After installation, refresh(or open) Hacker News website, press "?" key to bring up the instructions:

Hackercut Instructions

##Arrow Navigation Arrow Navigation is the most powerful feature of this extension, you can go through the story links using just your up/right arrow keys and open/vote up/view author/view comments as you like.

Press "Tab" to turn on arrow navigation mode, you should see a green arrow to the left of the first link: arrow

You can move the arrow up and down using your arrow keys, then you may choose to:

key press function
ctrl(⌘)+enter open current link in new tab
v vote it up
a select its submitter(which you can then use ctrl+enter to open in new tab)
c select its comments


And pressing "esc" key will turn off Arrow Navigation mode.

##Page Switching Switching pages with Hackercut is just one key press away:

key press function
right arrow key next page
n "newest" page
t "threads" page*
m "comments" page*
w "show hn" page
k "ask" page
j "jobs" page
s "submit" page
h Hacker News front page
p "my profile" page
l "login" page

*arrow navigation does not work on "comments" and "threads" pages at this moment.

I hope you can better enjoy Hacker News with Hackercut.


A Chrome extension that powers full keyboard navigation of Hacker News.



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