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This is a simple gem that will throw a Growl notification every certain time. That way, you'll be reminded of something.

For example, I normally make a lot of stuff before I commit my changes, which I know is really bad (and it's what pushed me to write this), so I just set a reminder to commit every 10 minutes.

This is how it looks like

Please Commit

That way, the Growl notification will notice (bother) me and remind (make) me commit.

You'll need Growl Notify to use this gem. Download it here


Reminder has some cool options (thanks to Choise) so you can easily set up your notifications and start working.

To use Reminder, just write

$ reminder -m 'Keep Growling Growling ...' -t 10

and you'll get this every 10 minutes:

Keep Rolling

To change the notification title, just add the -T option.

All Reminder's options are:

Usage: reminder [-mtT]

Notification Options:
    -m, --message=MESSAGE            The notification message...
    -T, --title=TITLE                The title of the notification...
    -t, --time=TIME                  Number of minutes...

Other options: 
    -v, --version                    Show version

You can list all options at any time by running reminder --help


  • Find a better way to run the notification.
  • Clean up code. May be a little messy.
  • Add a --for option (remind me every 10 minutes for 3 hours)
  • Add documentation inside the source code.


Please use the Github Issues Tracker above.

Thank you for reading :-)

Released under the MIT License

Nicolás Hock Isaza. Zinergia