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Code and simulated data for the paper “Fair Regression for Health Care Spending”
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Code and data for Fair Regression for Health Care Spending by Anna Zink and Sherri Rose. All code is written in R and was run on R version 3.5.1. Required packages are CVXR (the analysis was run on version 0.99) and dplyr (the analysis was run on version 0.7.6).

  1. Analysis

    Code: fairness_for_risk_adjustment.R runs the main analysis and depends on functions defined in fairness_functions.R.

    Data: simulated_analysis_data.csv (variable descriptions in simulated_analysis_data_dictionary.xlsx)

  2. Simulation

    Code: run_simulation.R runs the simulation and depends on functions defined in sim_function.R and fairness_functions_sim.R.

    Data: simulation_data.csv (variable descriptions in simulation_data_dictionary.xlsx)

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