Parsimony : CMS of New Generation -> web development on the fly, Responsive Web Design + Server Side Components (cross-platform), DataBase Designer (multi-applicative), convergence (developer, designer, webmaster) & so many things to discover
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Parsimony is an open source CMS of New Generation available on the website


To install Parsimony, unzip the project on your server and let yourself be guided by the installer.


Learn Parsimony in 10 videos :


To access the administration of Parsimony, go to your sitename + /connect (e.g. http://yoursite.tld/connect)


For the story, the name Parsimony is borrowed from William of Ockham (1285 - April 9, 1347) and the scientific principle of parsimony. Our technological choices are guided by this conviction: "the simplest solution is the most appropriate."


The objective of Parsimony is to support you in an even more effective digital communication. For this, we offer a unique development solution!

Parsimony is:

  • Multi-platform - Server-Side Responsive Design: You develop from a single project a web application (HTML5 and CSS3) either on the PC, tablet, mobile, connected TV.

  • Multi-application: Create with ease and enrich new complex applications with our innovative and amazing data modeling.

  • Convergent: For each resource profile (development, design, webmastering, SEO ...) has its own toolbar in the same interface. Your team is united around a common web application and effectively responds to customer demand.

  • Lightweight, sturdy and high performance: With Parsimony, the search engines will no more punish you to have a slow loading page.

  • Your applications on the fly: Modify the content and the style in live, front and drag drop ! No more wireframes ! Create your site (design & features) directly in the browser & Make attractive HTML5/CSS3 applications.