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Sass Boilerplate


This is a Sass boilerplate that can be used to initialize any basic Sass project

What this boilerplate contains

  • Font-Awesome and Animate CSS is built in !
  • 7-1 Folder Architecture
  • Global Reset
  • Gitignore Included
  • Media Query Manager
  • JavaScript Babel Compilation
  • Development scripts : compile, serve and watch
  • Production scripts : compile, prefix and compress.

How to use this boilerplate

Simply clone this repo in your local system, and you will get all the files & folders setup.

  • Go to package.json and change any settings that you wish.
  • run npm install to install the dependencies
  • run npm start to start the development server
    • will compile sass, concat vendors, compile js and run live server & watch
  • run npm run build to build all the files for production
    • will compile, prefix and compress sass and vendors , and also compile js


  • You can simple remove anything that you don't wish to add in your project.

Font Awesome & Animate CSS

  • They are already included in the HTML and you can use them out of the box

Folder Structure

  • ./Public - contains files for production
  • ./src - contains files you will be working on (vendors, sass, js)
    • Sass uses 7-1 folder architecture

Node Packages

  • For Development

    • babel:watch - watches src/main.js and compiles to public/js/script.js
    • sass:watch - watches src/main.scss and compiles to public/css/style.css
    • concat - concatenates all src/vendor/* into one public/src/vendors.css
    • serve - serves the public folder
    • start - runs all the above parallelly.
  • For Production

    • babel - compiles src/main.js to public/js/script.js
    • sass - compiles src/main.scss to public/css/style.css
    • prefix - adds prefixes to public/css/style.css & public/css/vendors.css
    • compress - compresses both public/css/styles.css & public/css/vendors.css
    • build - runs all the above sequentially (also concatenates vendors)

Media Query Manager

  • It is written in src/scss/abstracts/mixins, therefor is a mixin and can be included in any file where you want to add media query.

  • Sizes premade are

    • big-desktop : 1800px
    • tab-land : 1200px
    • tab-port : 900px
    • phone : 600px
    • phone-small : 450px
    • phone-vsmall : 390px
  • Code to use it is

@include respond(device-name) {  //device name will be replaced with device you wish
   font-size: 8px;

Hope it helps, Keep Coding ! 😊


This is a Sass boilerplate that can be used to initialize any basic Sass project






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