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ZIO — Real World Functional Programming

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ZIO is a type-safe functional effect in Scala for asynchronous and concurrent programming. To learn more about ZIO, visit

ZIO Ecosystem

ZIO has a growing ecosystem of libraries and tools for building next-generation reactive applications on JVM, Scala.js, and Scala Native. Here is the overview of its ecosystem:

  1. Official ZIO libraries are hosted in the ZIO organization on Github and maintained by core contributors to ZIO. We have a quick overview for these libraries on the ZIO website.

  2. There is also a growing ecosystem of community-maintained libraries outside the ZIO organization. These are listed on the ecosystem section of the ZIO website.

Ecosystem Tracker

We have a ZIO Ecosystem Tracker that provides a comprehensive overview of each library in the ecosystem, including:

  • What libraries are updated to the latest ZIO version? Every library which has a green checkmark is up to date. A yellow exclamation mark means that the library is not up to date and there are some work left to be done.
  • What is the latest release of each library?
  • What are the dependencies of each library?
  • What other libraries are on top of a given library?
  • It provides a copy-pasteable dependency configuration for each library.

Project Status

Each project in the ZIO organization namespace has a Stage Badge which indicates the current status of that project:

Stage Description
Production Ready The project is stable and already used in production. We can expect reliability for the implemented use cases.
Development The project already has RC or milestone releases but is still under active development. We should not expect full stability yet.
Experimental The project is not yet released, but an important part of the work is already done.
Research The project is at the design stage, with some sketches of work but nothing usable yet.
Concept The project is just an idea, and the development hasn't started yet.
Deprecated The project is not maintained anymore, and we don't recommend its usage.


  1. zio zio Public

    ZIO — A type-safe, composable library for async and concurrent programming in Scala

    Scala 4k 1.3k

  2. interop-cats interop-cats Public

    ZIO instances for cats-effect type classes

    Scala 157 67

  3. zio-nio zio-nio Public

    A small, unopinionated ZIO interface to NIO.

    Scala 187 76

  4. zio-keeper zio-keeper Public

    A ZIO library for building distributed systems

    Scala 197 40

  5. zio-sqs zio-sqs Public

    ZIO-powered client for AWS SQS

    Scala 82 25

  6. zio-kafka zio-kafka Public

    A Kafka client for ZIO and ZIO Streams

    Scala 335 133


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