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* fixes trace level logging

* Readding slf4j-bridge (#415)

* Readding slf4j-bridge

* Add subproject

* Format

* Add to testJVM

* Make it work with latest ZIO

* Fix warnings

* Format

* Fix other Scala versions

* Fix warning

Co-authored-by: John A. De Goes <>

Co-authored-by: Daniel Vigovszky <>
Co-authored-by: John A. De Goes <>

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ZIO Logging

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ZIO Logging is the official logging library for ZIO 2 applications, with integrations for common logging backends.

  • Type-safe, purely-functional, ZIO-powered
  • Compositional, type-safe log formatting
  • Richly integrated into ZIO 2's built-in logging facilities
  • ZIO Console, SLF4j, and other backends

To learn more about ZIO Logging, check out the following references: